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Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks

Lou has been trying to learn how to Hula Hoop since he was 8 years old, with no success. With a few tips from Heather, the top Hula Hoop teacher at “Peace Love and Hoopieness”, Lou thought he might give it one more try….

Never leave the playground.

We had the pleasure to meet Stephen Jepson  (77 years old ) and saw his presentation at a conference about functioning aging in Orlando.  His motto is “Never leave the Playground”. Learning new skills, using hands and feet promotes cognition and brain function. It…


What’s the right mix of exercise activities to stay fit and reduce health risks over age 65? The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association have guidelines for adults over age 65, and for those age 50 to 64 with a…

Take It Easy

Click on Image to see video The Eagles / Jackson Browne tune, “Take It Easy” is excellent advice for anyone but even more so for us boomers. In this video, our friend, Alan explains how he acquired a double groin injury and sciatica from…

Get Boomers Fit

Fitness tips, health tips and product recommendations for the Baby Boomer Generation to enhance and extend quality of life.

Myth#1 To be old is to be sick

While the prevalence of chronic diseases increases with advancing age, a large number of mature adults are healthy, robust and without any significant functional limitations. Even in advanced old age, there are individuals that attain incredible heights of athleticism and fitness. MYTH #2 Soon!