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Take control of your gut health with a boost of EGCG. This powerful starter kit will help you reduce the risk of prostate cancer. You will have a great increase in antioxidants. It also helps lighten your menstrual flow.
This combination allows for both the probiotic in tigosol and the EGCG in the tigovit to work in combination to decrease pain, and increase the health of your internal organs.

Isdin ERYFOTONICA Ultralight Emulsion Broad Spectrum SPF 50

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Jane Adams, Yoga DVD
Sabre red runner pepper gel
SABRE Red Runner Pepper Gel – Police Strength w/ Adjustable Hand Strap (Max Heat w/ 35 Bursts) – Comes w/ Optional SABRE Personal Alarm w/ Clip & LED Light (120dB Alarm-Heard up to 600’, 185 m Away)

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