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Yoga Teacher Celebrates Life With His Students

How Fast Do You Walk?

How fast you walk may be a strong predictor of mortality! Click Here For More. How fast you walk says a lot about your health

Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks

Lou has been trying to learn how to Hula Hoop since he was 8 years old, with no success. With a few tips from Heather, the top Hula Hoop teacher at “Peace Love and Hoopieness”, Lou thought he might give it one more try….

How To Stay Fit At Home This Winter

Stay fit at home this winter with a suspended body weight exercise. There are many suspended body weight trainers available so you don’t have to buy the expensive TRX unit. We like the NOSSK HOME Suspension Bodyweight Fitness Trainer Available on Amazon. This Readers…

Greg and Dog Hugo Scale The Dunes at Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan.

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting these dunes, in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, I would not recommend climbing down to the beach unless your are very fit. Getting down this steep sand dune is difficult enough but coming up that moving…

Never leave the playground.

We had the pleasure to meet Stephen Jepson  (77 years old ) and saw his presentation at a conference about functioning aging in Orlando.  His motto is “Never leave the Playground”. Learning new skills, using hands and feet promotes cognition and brain function. It…

We Love Resistance Bands!

Resistance bands can go anywhere and cost less than a monthly membership at many gyms. Here is a review of the best bands and the winner is “Bodylastics”. Read the reviews here Resistance Band Review


What’s the right mix of exercise activities to stay fit and reduce health risks over age 65? The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association have guidelines for adults over age 65, and for those age 50 to 64 with a…

Be A Superhero & Stay Active With The Grand Kids

These cards are for teachers to give kids breaks from brain work and get the blood flowing. You can buy these and download them, for about four bucks. Then print them on card stock and start doing these with your favorite Superhero. They will…

Safe Lifting Heavy and Light Objects

This short and simple video illustrates safe lifting techniques you may not be aware of. How to lift heavy and light objects safely

You’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

Getting and staying fit has come a long way since this video was taken but simply sitting on a roller machine won’t get it. You do have to actually exercise and maybe even break a sweat. The good news is fitness centers can be…

Your Last 10 Years?

The question is asked, “What will your last 10 years look like.” Join us and help make a difference. From the YouTube page of Canadian group Heart and Stroke. Click on link to see more from Heart and Stroke

Kenny and Annie “Blessed” At Yellowstone National Park!

While on our Summer 2017 Tour of the USA, we visited Yellowstone National Park and met some inspirational Baby Boomers along the way. Among them was Kenny Rodgers, a retired Las Vegas Police officer. Kenny and Annie hike, bike, run and do resistance training…

The Senior Games

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Sarcopenia Cause, Prevention and Treatment

Scarcopenia affects all of us to some degree. Get after it now and and enjoy a much better quality of life with the coming years. It’s never to late to reverse this malady. Click on this link from Web MD to learn more. Sarcopenia

Osteoarthritis Causes and Prevention

This audio interview is with the scientist who lead a study that found the increase in Osteoarthritis is not due to living longer or body weight, as as the medical world currently believes. It is due to our lack of activity. The study also…

Take It Easy

Click on Image to see video The Eagles / Jackson Browne tune, “Take It Easy” is excellent advice for anyone but even more so for us boomers. In this video, our friend, Alan explains how he acquired a double groin injury and sciatica from…

Retired Twice and Still Active

Just before heading down from our meager 3 mile hike on the Colorado Trail to Harvard Lakes, we met another 500 miler on his 16th day on the trail. Eugene, an Air Force Colonel who, after retiring from the service, became a High School…

Mother and Daughter Take A 500 Mile Walk

Sue and, daughter, Michelle are hiking the Colorado trail from Littleton to Durango, approximately 500 miles of up and down. Typically it takes 5 or 6 weeks for hikers to complete the hike and these two are right on schedule, no small accomplishment. Katja…

Boomers Plan Adventure Run!

Johnathon and Carl, two Colorado Boomers, are on the “Midland Trail” in Buena Vista CO planning an annual adventure run. Colorado boasts one of the longest life expectancies in the Nation and with many boomers, like these two,choosing to live here it is easy…

Boost Your Bone Strength

Some tips on helping our bones stay strong from AARP. Click on the link below and scroll through the images to see all 7 tips. 7 surprising ways to increase density

Get Boomers Fit

Fitness tips, health tips and product recommendations for the Baby Boomer Generation to enhance and extend quality of life.

Myth#1 To be old is to be sick

While the prevalence of chronic diseases increases with advancing age, a large number of mature adults are healthy, robust and without any significant functional limitations. Even in advanced old age, there are individuals that attain incredible heights of athleticism and fitness. MYTH #2 Soon!

Boomers can have fun to

You don’t have to be a kid to have fun making and enjoying a healthy breakfast. Boomers can have fun too !