Beginner Yoga and Intermediate Yoga For all Ages and Abilities #3

This is Katja’s 3rd Yoga Class during our Stay at Home and Social Distancing.
These classes are about 30 minutes long and similar to our Florida Beach Yoga classes on Nokomis Beach and Manasota Beach as well as our Holy Yoga group from the Fellowship hall at the Venice Presbyterian Church. .
Simply do what you are comfortable and able to and do it regularly. You will be amazed at your progress with better balance, range of motion and core strength.

Beginner to Intermediate Yoga With Katja Class #2

Our 2nd stay at home, social distancing class for our Nokomis and Manasota Beach Yogis and our Holy Yoga students from the Venice Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Hall classes.
As usual, only do what you are comfortable doing.  Do it regularly and you will see progress in your balance, range of motion and core strength.

Resistance bands can go anywhere and cost less than a monthly membership at many gyms. Here is a review of the best bands and the winner is “Bodylastics”.

Read the reviews here Resistance Band Review


What’s the right mix of exercise activities to stay fit and reduce health risks over age 65? The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association have guidelines for adults over age 65, and for those age 50 to 64 with a chronic condition, such as arthritis.

Read the full article click here FIT OVER 65

Be A Superhero & Stay Active With The Grand Kids

These cards are for teachers to give kids breaks from brain work and get the blood flowing. You can buy these and download them, for about four bucks. Then print them on card stock and start doing these with your favorite Superhero. They will think you are a Superhero too.

For more click HERE

You’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

Getting and staying fit has come a long way since this video was taken but simply sitting on a roller machine won’t get it. You do have to actually exercise and maybe even break a sweat.
The good news is fitness centers can be convenient and economical. Or, you can exercise at home with Yoga, Elastic bands and body weight Suspension Exercisers for a very small investment.

Kenny and Annie “Blessed” At Yellowstone National Park!

While on our Summer 2017 Tour of the USA, we visited Yellowstone National Park and met some inspirational Baby Boomers along the way. Among them was Kenny Rodgers, a retired Las Vegas Police officer. Kenny and Annie hike, bike, run and do resistance training together. They believe they are blessed to be able to visit and fully enjoy places like Yellowstone.

Osteoarthritis Causes and Prevention

This audio interview is with the scientist who lead a study that found the increase in Osteoarthritis is not due to living longer or body weight, as as the medical world currently believes. It is due to our lack of activity.
The study also concluded, Osteoarthritis can be preventable.
This news may be too late for some boomers but others could benefit by making a simple lifestyle change.
All of us could share the information with our children and grandchildren to help save them from this painful malady.

Interview with Dr. Ian Wallace’s Osteoarthritis Researcher

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