Beginner Yoga and Intermediate Yoga For all Ages and Abilities #3

This is Katja’s 3rd Yoga Class during our Stay at Home and Social Distancing.
These classes are about 30 minutes long and similar to our Florida Beach Yoga classes on Nokomis Beach and Manasota Beach as well as our Holy Yoga group from the Fellowship hall at the Venice Presbyterian Church. .
Simply do what you are comfortable and able to and do it regularly. You will be amazed at your progress with better balance, range of motion and core strength.

Beginner to Intermediate Yoga With Katja Class #2

Our 2nd stay at home, social distancing class for our Nokomis and Manasota Beach Yogis and our Holy Yoga students from the Venice Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Hall classes.
As usual, only do what you are comfortable doing.  Do it regularly and you will see progress in your balance, range of motion and core strength.

Resistance bands can go anywhere and cost less than a monthly membership at many gyms. Here is a review of the best bands and the winner is “Bodylastics”.

Read the reviews here Resistance Band Review

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